Simplifying Compliance and Regulatory Technology requirements.

Money trail within Banking and Financial Services is a continuum of Data that is hard to manage using traditional technologies.

Wouldn’t  it  be  nice  to  have  an  automated  way  of  analysing   your  value-stream  of business functions  that  draws  out  compliance  and  regulatory  information  easily... ?

Better  yet,  how  about  Regulatory  Technology  that  can  align  your  customer  outcomes  in  context  of   meeting  your  regulatory  and  compliance  obligations?  

Summary information - October 2019

 Please feel free download our information pack that outlines our upcoming plan on Compliance and Regulatory Technology (RegTech). 

About Us

Why RegTech?

Why RegTech?


A standardised/focused approach on automation tools for Regulatory and Compliance needs.

There  is  enough  empirical  evidence  to  suggest  regulatory  compliance adds significant costs across back-office/operations teams.

How are BlackArrow different?

How are we different?

 BlackArrow is revolutionary approach in Compliance and Regulatory Technology (RegTech) that is driven by our IP created over several years and evangelised through our rules engine that matches your process outcomes against our benchmark in a simple way (powered by our engine COTI8400). 

What does it mean for you as our customer?

What does this mean for you?

 We can cut costs in areas of Compliance and Regulation through automation of tasks that until now were not easy to achieve. 

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